Our summer home…

Spring arrived and we moved back up to Blanchard just in time for some freezing weather and late snow. Luckily that only lasted a couple days and the days turned warmer, the grass got greener and the trees started filling out. Spring in Oklahoma is a mixed blessing. Of course you love the warmer days, daffodils coming up, trees budding and that sense of renewal everyone gets. Then….the storm clouds roll in, the winds blow, the hail falls and the tornado sirens blare. You live weather aware. We have been at our summer home a couple weeks now and have missed the worst of the storms/tornado’s/flooding. With every morning, those fresh rays of sunlight, you are thankful for another day and those you love are safe and dry. Oklahoma weather does make you appreciate and care for each of your family members and friends who could possibly be in harms way.
Blanchard April2015t We took off the last week of April and headed north to Yankton, SD. We met up with Walt’s Navy buddy who he served with in Vietnam. They had not seen each other in 40 years. They have stayed in touch somewhat over the years but this was a real reunion. We spent a nice day with Mike where he works at Gavin Point Dam. We got a behind the scenes tour of the dam which sits on the Missouri River. We had a great dinner at a restaurant on the river along with his wife Chris. Memories were shared, life stories told and brought up to date with kids and grandkids. This really brought home “that time flies” and friendships should not be taken for granted.

Dinner with Mike and Chris Callaghan

Dinner with Mike and Chris Callaghan

From Yankton we headed west across the South Dakota Badlands to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. We will be spending our summer working at the Devil’s Tower KOA campground. I will be working in the campstore and Walt will be working maintenance. We are getting eased into our positions as the “season” really doesn’t start until June 1st. We are right at the base/entrance to the Tower and it looms over the campground. We are excited to be here but we’ll talk after the Sturgis Rally in August! It’s the 75th Anniversary of the Rally and they are expecting….wait for it….up to a million and a half people this year in Sturgis. We are already booked solid and from what I hear for 200 miles around. Should be fun! 184

A new chapter….

I sure have missed everyone!  I’ve taken some time to just get used to this new chapter in our lives, but feel like it’s now time to get rolling.  We’ve taken a 10 state road trip, added a new member of the family, reconnected with another, were home for Thanksgiving, moved down to Beaumont, Texas in December and now we are at Lake Livingston, Texas…..and Walt still hasn’t cut his hair!!

We’ve had a great time.  The adjustment has been amazingly easy.  I have found I really do have everything I need and don’t really miss all the “stuff”.

Included in the new chapter is a new grandson, Elin, (who is adorable) and reconnecting with another grandson, Ryan, in California who is now 11 years old (we talk to him almost every day!)  Getting to spend time with our sons in Oregon/Washington was great…spending more than just a couple days was a blessing and helps keep the bonds strong.  Having real time to read my bible everyday is a joy.  Having time to read other books is another joy.  Learning to play guitar is…grrr…challenging.   And spending undistracted time with my husband is the best!

We do miss everyone.  I miss my auction family, my “French Toast” girls and my kids from the school bus… but will be seeing you at home for the month of April.  I’ll fill you in on our future plans next time. Until then….New chapter

Can’t give up auctions….

130rsz_146….and who could?!  Even before Walt and I started the auction, we loved going to auctions.  When we lived in Minnesota they were our winter entertainment.  When we moved to the Tri-State area of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio the pace really picked up.  Then we came to Oklahoma and I never dreamed we would have one of our own.  It was a lot of hard work but… oh so fun.  There were some real treasures that came into the auction and I’m not talking about just “stuff”.  The friends we’ve made here will last our lifetimes.  We love each other and love a good auction so once again we chartered a bus to take us all to the Clarita Amish School Auction southeast of Ada, Oklahoma.  It’s a one day event and it’s a blast.  Everything you can think of is there; antiques, food, quilts, ducks, food, bunnies, crafts, food, primitives and food!  It was the best weather we’ve ever had and it was a pretty perfect day.

Fortunately, there’s a new auction in town!  Scott and Laura Carnagie of Blanchard have opened OK Auction House.   Their first sale was last Saturday night and was a great success.    Everyone showed up to get them off to a great start.   We hope you will continue to support them as you did for us, so they may have many, many years of fun and success!

Check out their website www.okauctionhouse.com  or their facebook page at Ok Auction House so you can get the scoop on their sale dates, location and time or how you could consign some items.

Keep calm and auction on….


Going, going, gone…


It took some work, but it’s done.  We have successfully eliminated all our worldly possessions….well almost!  In the course of three auctions we were able to get almost everything out of our home and building sold.  Over the years when there was an item I wanted to keep (which was everything) I would just say “It’ll sell great in the “big sale”.”  It became our little mantra and side joke with each other.  We both had things we liked to collect…kitchen items, birds, books, records, a lot of things!  We loved things from era’s past.  We loved the beauty of the color, lines, design and use.  Both of us are emotional, sentimental romantics.  The worst kind.

I think that last week was the hardest, there was just so much.  Each and every auction was loaded and still there was stuff left in the house we just couldn’t get to in time.  And frankly, by that last Friday night before the last sale I told Walt “whatever is left in this house is going to Goodwill…I’m done.”  It was exhausting.  Any move is exhausting, but this was such an elimination.  I felt everything had to be gone through, sorted.  Most to sell, but some to friends, family or to keep.  I had my grandmothers cedar chest from when she was a girl and I was going to absolutely keep it and the plan was to put in it whatever I wanted to keep, pictures etc.  My dear friend Patti was kind enough to let us store it in one of her spare bedrooms and that’s that.  Done.

Everyone during the sales would lament how difficult it must be to sell our stuff, because we simply had so much and I thought some pretty cool stuff…but wow, it is freeing.  Now that a little time has gone by I can honestly say it’s really no big deal.  I have a few things we kept to put in the 5th wheel to make it feel like home but only a few.  It really is liberating to shed yourself of “stuff”.  Really, that’s all it is.  We currently have everything we need and we’re comfy and happy….without a monumental amount of stuff.  We clearly couldn’t move on to new and fun adventures tied down with stuff.  If you’re ever in a position you want to make changes in life, let it go!  You’ll never regret it!

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in or steal; for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 6:20-21

Gettin’ by with a little help from our friends…


As most of you have seen, we were able to pick up our new “home” and get it back here from Dallas with a little help from our friends… Gary and JoNell Lunow.  These two are incredible people… married 50 years, boundless enthusiasm, always joyful and happy, and most of all they have true servants hearts.  We were blessed to spend the day with them as they drove us south to pick up the 5th wheel, as we didn’t have a truck to pull it with yet.  It didn’t go completely smooth.  Had to figure out a wiring harness problem and then an electrical fuse problem, but it was all figured out and we got home without any other problems.  We even had lunch at In-n-Out Burger which always makes a day better!

This is the first of many examples of how the friends we’ve made through the auction have effected our lives.  Thanks guys!


Alright, here we go!

Welcome friends and family who are joining us on this adventure in this chapter of our lives. Life certainly has been like a book. A wide host of characters, plot twists, new beginnings and endings. But isn’t that what makes life interesting? And it ain’t over yet!
I’m going to try and document this process of closing our business of twelve years, selling all of our possessions, saying goodbye to our friends and family and hitting the road. We’ve been touched by your sadness at seeing the auction come to a close, but encouraged by your excitement for our new adventure. There is a blurry line between “friend” and “family”, as we love and care about all of you. Thank you for your patronage, your generosity and your love.

Alright, here we go!