Gettin’ by with a little help from our friends…


As most of you have seen, we were able to pick up our new “home” and get it back here from Dallas with a little help from our friends… Gary and JoNell Lunow.  These two are incredible people… married 50 years, boundless enthusiasm, always joyful and happy, and most of all they have true servants hearts.  We were blessed to spend the day with them as they drove us south to pick up the 5th wheel, as we didn’t have a truck to pull it with yet.  It didn’t go completely smooth.  Had to figure out a wiring harness problem and then an electrical fuse problem, but it was all figured out and we got home without any other problems.  We even had lunch at In-n-Out Burger which always makes a day better!

This is the first of many examples of how the friends we’ve made through the auction have effected our lives.  Thanks guys!