Going, going, gone…


It took some work, but it’s done.  We have successfully eliminated all our worldly possessions….well almost!  In the course of three auctions we were able to get almost everything out of our home and building sold.  Over the years when there was an item I wanted to keep (which was everything) I would just say “It’ll sell great in the “big sale”.”  It became our little mantra and side joke with each other.  We both had things we liked to collect…kitchen items, birds, books, records, a lot of things!  We loved things from era’s past.  We loved the beauty of the color, lines, design and use.  Both of us are emotional, sentimental romantics.  The worst kind.

I think that last week was the hardest, there was just so much.  Each and every auction was loaded and still there was stuff left in the house we just couldn’t get to in time.  And frankly, by that last Friday night before the last sale I told Walt “whatever is left in this house is going to Goodwill…I’m done.”  It was exhausting.  Any move is exhausting, but this was such an elimination.  I felt everything had to be gone through, sorted.  Most to sell, but some to friends, family or to keep.  I had my grandmothers cedar chest from when she was a girl and I was going to absolutely keep it and the plan was to put in it whatever I wanted to keep, pictures etc.  My dear friend Patti was kind enough to let us store it in one of her spare bedrooms and that’s that.  Done.

Everyone during the sales would lament how difficult it must be to sell our stuff, because we simply had so much and I thought some pretty cool stuff…but wow, it is freeing.  Now that a little time has gone by I can honestly say it’s really no big deal.  I have a few things we kept to put in the 5th wheel to make it feel like home but only a few.  It really is liberating to shed yourself of “stuff”.  Really, that’s all it is.  We currently have everything we need and we’re comfy and happy….without a monumental amount of stuff.  We clearly couldn’t move on to new and fun adventures tied down with stuff.  If you’re ever in a position you want to make changes in life, let it go!  You’ll never regret it!

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in or steal; for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 6:20-21

One thought on “Going, going, gone…

  1. I find myself feeling faintly envious of your status as “free birds”! You are so right to say it is just stuff. It has made me seriously think about downsizing myself. Although I did some last year, I find I want to free myself of so much. Thanks for all the positive influences you have had on my and others life!


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