Can’t give up auctions….

130rsz_146….and who could?!  Even before Walt and I started the auction, we loved going to auctions.  When we lived in Minnesota they were our winter entertainment.  When we moved to the Tri-State area of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio the pace really picked up.  Then we came to Oklahoma and I never dreamed we would have one of our own.  It was a lot of hard work but… oh so fun.  There were some real treasures that came into the auction and I’m not talking about just “stuff”.  The friends we’ve made here will last our lifetimes.  We love each other and love a good auction so once again we chartered a bus to take us all to the Clarita Amish School Auction southeast of Ada, Oklahoma.  It’s a one day event and it’s a blast.  Everything you can think of is there; antiques, food, quilts, ducks, food, bunnies, crafts, food, primitives and food!  It was the best weather we’ve ever had and it was a pretty perfect day.

Fortunately, there’s a new auction in town!  Scott and Laura Carnagie of Blanchard have opened OK Auction House.   Their first sale was last Saturday night and was a great success.    Everyone showed up to get them off to a great start.   We hope you will continue to support them as you did for us, so they may have many, many years of fun and success!

Check out their website  or their facebook page at Ok Auction House so you can get the scoop on their sale dates, location and time or how you could consign some items.

Keep calm and auction on….


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