A new chapter….

I sure have missed everyone!  I’ve taken some time to just get used to this new chapter in our lives, but feel like it’s now time to get rolling.  We’ve taken a 10 state road trip, added a new member of the family, reconnected with another, were home for Thanksgiving, moved down to Beaumont, Texas in December and now we are at Lake Livingston, Texas…..and Walt still hasn’t cut his hair!!

We’ve had a great time.  The adjustment has been amazingly easy.  I have found I really do have everything I need and don’t really miss all the “stuff”.

Included in the new chapter is a new grandson, Elin, (who is adorable) and reconnecting with another grandson, Ryan, in California who is now 11 years old (we talk to him almost every day!)  Getting to spend time with our sons in Oregon/Washington was great…spending more than just a couple days was a blessing and helps keep the bonds strong.  Having real time to read my bible everyday is a joy.  Having time to read other books is another joy.  Learning to play guitar is…grrr…challenging.   And spending undistracted time with my husband is the best!

We do miss everyone.  I miss my auction family, my “French Toast” girls and my kids from the school bus… but will be seeing you at home for the month of April.  I’ll fill you in on our future plans next time. Until then….New chapter