Our summer home…

Spring arrived and we moved back up to Blanchard just in time for some freezing weather and late snow. Luckily that only lasted a couple days and the days turned warmer, the grass got greener and the trees started filling out. Spring in Oklahoma is a mixed blessing. Of course you love the warmer days, daffodils coming up, trees budding and that sense of renewal everyone gets. Then….the storm clouds roll in, the winds blow, the hail falls and the tornado sirens blare. You live weather aware. We have been at our summer home a couple weeks now and have missed the worst of the storms/tornado’s/flooding. With every morning, those fresh rays of sunlight, you are thankful for another day and those you love are safe and dry. Oklahoma weather does make you appreciate and care for each of your family members and friends who could possibly be in harms way.
Blanchard April2015t We took off the last week of April and headed north to Yankton, SD. We met up with Walt’s Navy buddy who he served with in Vietnam. They had not seen each other in 40 years. They have stayed in touch somewhat over the years but this was a real reunion. We spent a nice day with Mike where he works at Gavin Point Dam. We got a behind the scenes tour of the dam which sits on the Missouri River. We had a great dinner at a restaurant on the river along with his wife Chris. Memories were shared, life stories told and brought up to date with kids and grandkids. This really brought home “that time flies” and friendships should not be taken for granted.

Dinner with Mike and Chris Callaghan

Dinner with Mike and Chris Callaghan

From Yankton we headed west across the South Dakota Badlands to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. We will be spending our summer working at the Devil’s Tower KOA campground. I will be working in the campstore and Walt will be working maintenance. We are getting eased into our positions as the “season” really doesn’t start until June 1st. We are right at the base/entrance to the Tower and it looms over the campground. We are excited to be here but we’ll talk after the Sturgis Rally in August! It’s the 75th Anniversary of the Rally and they are expecting….wait for it….up to a million and a half people this year in Sturgis. We are already booked solid and from what I hear for 200 miles around. Should be fun! 184

4 thoughts on “Our summer home…

  1. You left town just before the rain hit. Here in Moore we have had 11 inches of rain. About to get web feet. Sounds like you will have fun in August. Keep us posted. Gary & Jo Nell


  2. Hello, Mary and Walt! I’ve been wondering about you! I finally retired this May 15th and have two new puppies so am getting a lot of puppy sitting done! Give me a call if you are still in Blanchard so we can get together!


    • Lois! Congratulations!! We are at Devils Tower, Wyoming this summer and will be home in November for Thanksgiving…stay in touch, can’t wait to hear how much you are loving being retired!


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